Monday, June 27, 2011

Cog Cookies with a Tutorial!

Alright, for something slightly different, I have some cog cookies to share with you! They are really fun and easy to make, all you need is cookie dough, a plastic cup (I think I used a 16 oz one, its been a while but that sounds right), and a tall, thin shot glass (a regular shot glass is too big). All you do is roll out your dough, use the plastic cup to cut out circles (or I guess you could use a big circle cookie cutter… I don’t have one though), and then use the shot glass (or small circle cookie cutter) to cut out the middle and then six semicircles around the edges. That’s it! They should look like this before cooking:


Then just cook them up and eat them! They puffed up a good amount after cooking, don’t worry:


Just try to use a fairly solid dough, I used peanut butter cookie mix because that was all I had, and they sort or just fell apart after I cooked them. I think I sugar cookie would hold up much better. Enjoy!


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